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Historic Architecture & Design

Connolly & Hickey Historical Architects provides professional architecture and historic preservation services to a variety of clients on a wide range of older and historic building types including civic, religious, cultural and residential. Our firm understands the value of the language of architecture. Each structure has its own unique style and related architectural vocabulary that provides design ideas and inspirations for restoring and/or renovating your historic building.

Connolly & Hickey is committed to the philosophy that architecture can have a positive effect on society and that the built environment holds an embodied energy that is readily available for creative recycling opportunities. Extending the useful life of existing buildings through a thoughtful rehabilitation is our area of specialty.

Architectural design services begin with documentation and continue through to contract administration during construction. Connolly & Hickey develops design and contract documents to a level of detail that is complete, coordinated and explicit. We develop bid strategies for projects that create a framework for anticipating ancillary needs so as to limit the impact of change orders on the budget during construction. The Project Team also assists our clients in making recommendations for the award of the construction contracts and works closely with the client and successful bidder during construction. Our regular site observations create a framework for establishing a stable working relationship with the contractor in order to meet the needs of the project and our careful handling of the project submittals assures compliance with the contract documents and fulfillment of contract obligations.


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